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Omni Military Loans
23 Sep 2019

What Are Omni Military Loans?

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It isn’t always easy to get the cash you need fast when you are stationed on a military base, especially one that is overseas. And veterans also often have difficulty obtaining the loans they need in times of financial difficulty.

As this report shows, military members rank stress over financial difficulties higher even than being on deployment!

Omni Military Loans by Omni Financial are one of the premier military loans solutions to this problem. Read on to discover how an Omni Military Loan works and whether it’s right for you.

Here’s How Omni Military Loans Work

Omni Military Loans are a core service of the direct lender called Omni  Financial, a lending company that has been in the business of assisting current and former military members for over 45 years.

With their military loans, you can borrow anywhere from $500 to $10,000 in a military personal loan. You can apply online in only minutes regardless of where you are stationed or where you are currently located. No collateral is needed. Your verifiable income (including if military income) IS your “collateral.”

You can arrange to have the borrowed cash deposited directly into your US-based checking or savings account. It normally will be there within a matter of hours, and you can immediately use the money for anything you want – including travel expenses, vehicle repairs, educational needs, debt consolidation, and so much more!

Also, there are no check-cashing fees that apply to the transaction, zero hidden “surprise” fees, and no unnecessary hassle. Omni strives to make all loans as quick, simple, and convenient as possible for US Armed Forces members and veterans.

Try An Omni Financial Debit Card

Another way to receive your Omni Military Loan funds is via an Omni Debit Card. The card is 100% free to acquire and to use – and it gives you immediate access to your borrowed cash even if you are not able to access your US bank account easily from where you are at.

You need to first visit an Omni lending office to pick up your prepaid debit card. But once you have it, it makes everything a lot easier. The card has no ATM withdrawal fees at Omni locations and at thousands of other ATM locations. It also has no activation fee.

For those who are overseas or far from home, it is often more convenient to use an Omni debit card to receive the loan and spend the money. This is just one more aspect of the maximum convenience that Omni Financial provides its military customers.

Imperfect Credit Is Accepted!

If you are in the military and have a bad credit score, that’s no problem with Omni Military Loans. They do not base approval on credit scores, and you aren’t going to be facing a credit check either.

Since these are personal installment loans, you can arrange to repay in monthly installments that your salary can handle. Your approval is based on your ability to repay, not on your past credit history.

What About Other Lending Options For Military Members?

Omni is a great option for current and retired military members, but let’s face it – everyone likes options. At Bonsai Finance, we can connect you to all your best options for military loans and lenders at the click of a button!

Bonsai Finance is not a lender and is not beholden to any lender. We exist to match guaranteed loan seekers with their ideal lender and loan offer in as little time as possible. We can assist you in applying for Omni Military Loans or any other loans you may find using our state of the art search engines. Bonsai Finance stands with our military, helping them find their way through financial crunch times with minimal hassle or wait.

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