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Easy Cash Loan
15 Aug 2019

What Is An Easy Cash Loan?

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Maybe you’ve been surfing the Web and notices a lot of references to “easy cash loans” and are wondering how cash loans compare to payday and other loan types.

But what exactly is an easy cash loan? How should we define it, and which kinds of loans are you really in pursuit of?

What Exactly Is An Easy Cash Loan?

When we use the term easy cash loan, we mean a loan that gives you cash in hand or in-account without forcing you to go through a lengthy, complicated process that might not even end well.

An easy cash lender lets you apply for your loan with maximum convenience and minimal hassle. That means you can apply from the comfort of your own home via an online application portal. It also means the application forms are short and only contain necessary information for you to fill out.

Additionally, easy cash loans do not put you through the wait and stress of a hard credit check (and often not even a soft credit check), and typically do not base approval on credit score but on your verified income. This class of lenders are interested in your ability to repay on time, not on your past credit history.

Finally, easy cash should also imply fast cash. You want a lender who will put the borrowed funds direct into your checking account without delay – as in the next business day.

What Makes One Easy Cash Loan Better Than Another?

There are truly numerous cash loan offers out there on the Web, and they fall into several different categories. First of all, there is the payday loan online, which means you borrow less than a thousand dollars and repay it in one lump sum payment only 2 to 4 weeks later.

Then, there is the title loan. This requires you to put up your owned-free-and-clear automobile as collateral – and for this reason isn’t the most preferred type of quick cash loan. But it may work well for some, at least.

Finally, you have the personal installment loan. Personal loans give you more time to repay – anywhere from two months to several years. And you can borrow a greater amount of cash, perhaps as much as $5,000.

You should approach your personal loan search already knowing which loan-type you want and with a good idea of the specific features you prefer as well. Lower APR, smaller fees, bigger principal, more time to repay, and acceptance of bad credit applicants are examples of important features to look for in your loan.

How Can I Find My Best Loan Fast?

Now that you have a good idea of exactly what you are looking for, what next? You could make out a list of search criteria, rank them in order of importance, and label some features must-haves and others should-haves.

But skipping about from website to website to compare all those features will take considerable time. And when time is limited, that limits your exposure to the total market, which means your strategy become hit and miss and largely dependent on being lucky enough to strike upon the best loan offers early.

There is another way to proceed. Use the online search tools of Bonsai Finance to speed up your search and make it more successful at the same time. Bonsai’s powerful tools sift through hundreds of loan offers in only seconds and sort them according to how closely they match your search criteria.

With Bonsai Finance, you can start with a vast array of loan options and rapidly whittle it down to only your very best easy cash loan or other desired loan. No more wasting hours on end searching for loans – now the search process is as easy as the loans themselves!

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