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why glasses are so expensive
15 Jun 2019

Why Are Glasses so Expensive? How to Afford Glasses with Bad Credit

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Glasses are a necessity for many adults — over 188 million Americans wear some sort of vision correction! With that in mind, I know many people are wondering why glasses are so expensive.

Yet, shopping for glasses is incredibly taxing on the wallet, even with insurance. Read on to find out how to afford glasses even if you have bad credit.

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Why Glasses Are so Expensive

Have you ever walked into an optician’s office and got sticker shock from the cost of frames? Are you wondering why glasses, which are needed by the people who are purchasing them, are so expensive? The short answer as to why glasses are so expensive is that most glasses are produced by the same huge company.

In addition to paying a ton for frames, after you’ve done that, you’re expected to pony up a ton more for scratch resistant, reflection resistant, crack resistant, etc. All of those extras cost… well, extra. Some shops are requiring you to buy the upgraded lenses. Gone are the days when you could buy bottom line lenses and save a few dollars.

Different Ways to Finance Your Glasses

Most eyeglass places will accept medical credit cards, which have become popular over the past several years. However, with the United States credit card debt over a trillion dollars — that might not be the route you want to take.

Since typically glasses are something you need (and need right away), quick financing is important. A same-day, short term payday loan may be appropriate for your situation, as it is makes much more sense than an installment loan or any other type. Glasses are a necessity you shouldn’t go without, and payday loans can be deposited directly into your account. A lot of companies even give you the option to auto-repay directly from your account.

How to Afford Quality Glasses

Another way people are affording quality glasses is by buying them directly. There are a ton of cool online shops that handle your glasses experience from start to finish, passing on discounts and savings to the consumer.

Online shops are able to save you money because you’re not helping pay for the retail space or employees. By saving on the real estate and labor, you save big time when it comes to your eyewear.

A lot of online shops offer fashionable choices without the name brand attached, allowing consumers to make purchases they feel really good about.

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We often wonder why glasses are so expensive when they are also a necessity. Those who need glasses should never go without. The discomfort of not having glasses is real — and most people who need them, need them to function!

These days, there are a lot more options available for people with low income or no insurance to purchases glasses. In addition to direct to consumer sales, there is also the option of medical credit cards. For those who have bad credit, check out some payday loan options for a quick short-term loan in order to get the glasses you need.