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Why Avant Credit Is a Great Choice for Debt Consolidation
23 Sep 2018

Why Avant Credit Is a Great Choice for Debt Consolidation

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Did you know consumer debt is set to reach $4 trillion by the end of 2018?

It’s no wonder many people are looking for an alternative, accountable solution to reconciling their debt.

Enter Avant loans!

Avant credit was created to help people who have poor credit scores and want to consolidate debt.

Here is why Avant credit is a great choice for debt consolidation and how it can help you with your consumer debt.

Who is Avant?

Credit card debt has risen since the use Bankruptcy Protection Act in 2005 which made it harder for people to file bankruptcy. Companies like Avant are stepping up to the plate to help Americans with their credit.

Avant is based in Chicago but helps people across America with personal loans online. They have a great reputation including an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Even on third-party review sites, Avant gets great feedback. This means their consumers are also happy with the service they receive.

What is an Avant Credit Loan?

Many people are looking for short term loans with no credit check. While Avant’s process does require a check, the drop in your score will be temporary.

The bad credit loan is a way to get a large sum of money that can help you pay off all your other debts. It’s then easy to make a one-time payment each month to pay off all of your debt at once.

This is a great option for people who are struggling to keep track of their debt or have many different lines of debt.

Avant Credit and Debt Consolidation

Here are the requirements to get an Avant credit loan:

  • A credit rating of 580 or over or a borrower’s average range from 600 to 700
  • A yearly income: There is no strict minimum but they ask for around $40,000

As one of the industry leaders for credit consolidation loans, Avant does whatever it can to help its consumers with their debt.

They have extremely competitive rates and over half of their clients are looking for personal loans no credit check to be used for debt consolidation. This means they’re an expert and it’s a primary focus of satisfaction for the company.

The company also has some amazing flexible solutions for their clients. For example, they have a late fee forgiveness policy.

If someone pays a fee more than 10 days late, they’ll be charged $25 dollars as a penalty. However, if they make all their other payments on time they will be refunded the full amount of the fee.

They’re also renowned for great customer service. All customers are treated the same — Regardless of credit score and amount of debt.

This flexibility extends to the amount of money they loan their clients. Installment loans are given anywhere from $2,000 to $35,000. This means they can help many different people with large variations in amounts of debt.

Next Steps

When it comes to debt consolidation you’re safe with Avant credit. You can apply for a consolidation loan, pay off all your other payday loan online debts, and get your credit score back on track with one payment each month that’s easy to track.

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