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Bonsai dinero becomes bonsai finance
22 Feb 2018

Bonsai Dinero becomes Bonsai Finance

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Bonsai Finance’s Spanish website has rebranded from to, and will continue to offer access to online loans for individuals through its website.

Bonsai Dinero launched in 2016, and has become an authority for providing information and advice to consumers in Spain, as well as providing access to fast online loans for those customers. In January 2018, the company has moved to develop a consistent brand, Bonsai Finance across the globe.

With this change of domain, the global brand is unified: Bonsai Finance, currently operating at an international level, namely:

While the financial products may differ from one country to the next, it is the core belief of the company founder, Britton Smith, that free access to the best information and advice on financial services is a right. “With a consistent brand across the globe, we will be able to more effectively build the information, advice, and tools, that customers have come to appreciate in Spain, the United States, and now Brazil.”, said Bonsai Finance founder and CEO Britton Smith. “This is part of our larger strategy for expansion to additional countries through Europe and the Americas.”

Within Spain, Bonsai Finance will continue to facilitate access to personal loans online easily and quickly, and develop new and engaging content for its customers.

About Bonsai Finance

Bonsai Finance was founded with the belief that personal finance can be quite confusing and that the options that existed in the market were complex and unresolvable.

The goal of the company is to become the very best resource for those who are trying to solve their financial problems in the short term. This is done by offering customers the most accurate and relevant information available, as well as giving them access to new and innovative tools.

In addition to this, the company is dedicated to providing answers to some of the most pressing financial problems and ensuring customers fully understand their position and how to handle their own personal finance issues.