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30 Jan 2018

Bonsai Finance launches its personal loans website in Brazil

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In December 2017, Bonsai Finance launched its website,, and will soon begin processing online personal loan requests from residents of Brazil.

One of the advantages offered by Bonsai Finance is the automation of the request process for online loans. Making a request on the website is streamlined and only takes a short period of time. The company will accept requests of up to 50,000 reais (about 15,000 dollars).

Brazil has become the third country into which the Bonsai Finance has expanded. The United States and Spain make up the other markets in which the FinTech company operates.

“The Brazilian online loan market has the greatest potential in the LATAM region. The number of inhabitants of Brazil is around 207 million, of which approximately 130 million have access to the Internet. The expansion of telecommunication services has led to an increase in interest in online financing services as seen by the expansion of other FinTech companies into Brazil. This is part of our larger plan for international expansion, include other countries in the Americas and Europe,” said Bonsai Finance founder and CEO Britton Smith.

About Bonsai Finance

Bonsai Finance was founded with the belief that personal finances can be quite confusing. The goal of the company is to become the very best resource for those who are trying to find answers to questions and solve their own financial problems. This is done by offering customers the most accurate and relevant information available, as well as giving them access to new and innovative tools. In addition to this, the company is dedicated to providing answers to some of the most pressing financial problems and ensuring customers fully understand their position and how to handle their own personal finance issues.