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No credit check credit cards
21 Sep 2017

No credit check credit cards

If you need to get a new credit card but you have below average credit or you are simply in a hurry, you may not wish to undergo a credit check during the application process.

A credit check can sometimes hurt already damaged credit further, and if you are doing multiple applications, that could be a significant impact.

But do no credit check credit cards exist? And are they worth having?

No Credit Check Credit Cards Are Available

Anyone who simply runs a Google search will quickly discover that not only do no credit check credit cards exist, but they are not all that rare. But why do most credit cards require a credit check, while others do not?

First, a credit check is more likely to be required if you are applying for a card that requires a good to excellent credit rating for approval. But when a card accepts poor to bad credit applicants, a credit check would serve little to no useful purpose.

Second, these types of cards will base approval on your ability to prove a steady income sufficiently high that you can reasonably be expected to make your monthly payments on time.

And there may be a few other basic requirements like having an active US based bank account, being 18 or older, not being delinquent or defaulted on other cards from the same company. Such standards are not particularly stringent and will vary from one card company to another.

The Convenience of Online no credit check Credit Cards

At Bonsai Finance, we understand that even those with damaged credit still need a credit card to process certain types of payments efficiently (or at all sometimes) and to avoid carrying large sums of cash about.

Bonsai Finance exists to fill a void in the lending and credit card market: Quick, simple applications that can be conveniently done online and that almost always result in immediate approval.

We can help you find competitive rates on unsecured credit cards that require no credit check.

A credit check slows down the process, risks your application being declined, potentially hurts your credit score, and often leads to people abandoning an offer that they “almost” signed up for.

At Bonsai Finance, we understand that there are many people out there with damaged credit through no fault of their own or who have been financially responsible for years and are 100% ready, willing, and able to pay their credit card payments on time.

A no credit check credit card might have a higher APR than some credit cards that require a credit check, but the fact is that those are the very card offers that someone with below average credit would likely not get approved for anyway.

Thus, a credit check on a card truly available to bad credit applicants is superfluous and will not likely give you a lower APR. Such offers should simply be avoided because no credit check credit cards for bad credit exist and typically are as good or better than bad credit credit cards that do require credit checks.