A Responsible Loan

Adapt Your Personal Loan to Your Needs

At Bonsai Finance we want to promote responsible lending among our customers. So can help you find simple and flexible conditions to the needs of each person.

The personal loan is granted for a determined period of time: between 1 and 18 months and for a certain amount: between $100 and $5,000.

As a customer you will have access at all times to your user account to view the status of your loan or to pay your loan at any time without additional fees.

It Doesn´t Get Any Easier Than This

Bonsai Finance focuses on the development of an advanced technical solution that makes working with us entail the least possible effort for our customers. We specialize in online access to personal loans.

All our clients have the certainty that in Bonsai Finance we will not try to sell another product of different nature, or try to give unwanted credit. Our company is dedicated to responsible lending and long-term loans to customers who can afford it.

At Bonsai Finance, we are interested in building positive relationships with our customers. To help avoid difficult financial situations, Bonsai Finance re-lends money only to those customers who have paid their previous loan.

Our personal loans are only intended to cover long-term financial needs.


Easy to fill Personal Loan Request form.

Personal Loans gives you access to instant cash. Apply for your personal loan online now and get competitive interest rates with easy term repayments.

With bad credit loans, you can finally take control of your financial situation. Consolidate your bills, pay off outstanding medical debt, make a purchase – there is no limit on how you can use the money you receive. The key to helping your credit score is to ensure you repay the amount due on time.