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Unsecured credit card for bad credit
6 Sep 2017

Unsecured credit card for bad credit

Do you wonder if you could get an unsecured credit card for bad credit? Even with cards that are advertised as good for those with bad credit, the credit card companies still go through a vetting process for every applicant. To boost your chances of getting one of these credit cards, you will need to keep the following in mind:

You Must Give the Lender the Right Information

It doesn’t matter where you apply for an unsecured credit card for bad credit, you always have to give a credit card issuer certain information. This includes your full name, birthdate, and address. You also have to provide a Social Security number. If you do not provide these things, your application is usually automatically rejected.

You Must Provide Income Information When Applying for an Unsecured Credit Card for Bad Credit

A credit card issuer always wants to know if its customer has the ability to pay their credit off. So, you must provide your annual income. Not only can you put your own income, but you can also put your partner’s income or other household income. Generally, the minimum amount of income is about $10,000 per year, but every issuer is different. You might make much more than that, but if you have too much other debt, you still might be denied.

You Must Provide Banking Information

Additionally, many issuers require that applicants have a bank account. Not all do, but most do. Credit card issuers see this as proof of someone’s financial stability. They know that you are financially responsible enough to have a checking account. If you don’t have an account for some reason, you might consider looking at a credit union. These are usually easier accounts to get.

You Must Turn Over Your Credit History

The issuer giving an unsecured credit card for bad credit knows that your credit isn’t great, but they want to know how bad it is. A single bankruptcy might sound bad, but many times, as long as the rest of your credit report is relatively clear, an issuer has no problem giving you a credit card. If you, however, have liens, judgements, or other financial issues in addition to a bankruptcy, it’s more likely that they would not approve your application. If you fall into this category, you might want to take time to try to build up your credit with a secured credit card.

You Should Have a Clear History with the Credit Card Issuer

Finally, you should make sure to have a clear and clean history with the company you are applying with. For instance, if you had a card with Capital One, but defaulted on your payments in the past or they put out a judgement against you, it’s probably best to not apply with Capital One again.

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