Trust 100%

Serving Your Needs

…Our mission is to provide the money our customers need as quickly as possible.

We guarantee our customers that we will never pressure them, or try to push for a higher loan amount or other products.

When a customer must pay his debt, we work together with him to be sure that they can. We protect your information and use it for the required loan processing only.

Responsible Credit Lending

One of our main premises is the responsible product consumption. At Bonsai Finance we make special emphasis on individual responsibility from receiving a loan that must be repaid within a specified period. The relationship with our customers is based on mutual trust.

Our product is not to be understood as a long-term solution or as an option to solve other outstanding loans. At Bonsai Finance we understand and manage these aspects so that each of our personal loans begin and end with a fixed amount, known and accepted in advance, thus preventing the customer to cope with a debt without control.

In short, Bonsai Finance offers:

  • A faster, more flexible and transparent funding

  • A perfect solution to solve an economic necessity, whatever the project of our clients

  • A long-term solution always looking for the customer’s benefit

The nature of the agreement is always communicated to and accepted by our customers, who are aware at all times of the possible consequences for non-payment and the next step in the process of debt collection.

We will continue to invest in technology so that our product and our process is the best in the market.